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Collective Oratory Voices for Excellence or C.O.V,E. is the 4-week educational program for learning to Speak Professionally Before a Public Audience. It is a self-esteem building program. For our first session, we are inviting Adult Male Foster Children who have recently aged out of foster care. We will film in intervals for B Roll footage for the Documentary Film Voices of Foster Care. Students who complete the program will be invited to be part of the live filming. There will be awards and rewards from producers and the community... and the speaker you will become, will change the course of your life as you move into this big world. The program will run from July-August 2022.


Participants must live in Atlanta.


Participants must be at least 18 years old.


Participants must have recently aged out of foster care in Georgia, Fulton County and surrounding areas.


Only 6 participants will be chosen for this pilot, but H.I.P. will make the program available for public use to the world- wide community. We are so glad you want to be a part of this one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn while teaching others and to heal, while healing others.


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How Can I Help?


Your love and participation can make a difference in the future of young adults who are aging out or have recently aged out of foster care. Our primary focus is to create dynamic communicators.



Become a Producer: Sponsor all or part of our film production.


Donate a Gas Card: H.I.P. has a small bus and can offer transportation from central downtown locations in Atlanta to our meeting center and on field trips for the duration of the program.


Volunteer: We are looking for speakers, teachers, holistic health workers and adults who have aged out of the foster care system to participate in this program.


Recommend a Student: HIP Members are encouraged to recommend young people to participate in this educational program built to boost self-esteem through the fine art of professional oratory.


Donate Studio Time: 30 days of training will culminate in an historical oratorical, produced, filmed and presented on a worldwide broadcast.


Donate Trophies, Gift Cards, Wardrobe...



How do I donate money?




Donate Directly to HIP


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Please send us and email.