Special Thanks
Sponsors & Producers

Special Thanks to ATL Bus Company, providing transportation services for our C.O.V.E. Speech Program and Voices of Foster Care Documentary. ATL Bus Academy provides Commercial Driver's Scholarships for CDL Training and Certification to project C.O.V.E. graduates.

Our Dream Catcher 1 Bus, Donated by Dwayne Wiggins, will be available fore scenes throughout our production.



Email info@VoicesofFosterCare.com to request a meeting or a review of our Voices of Foster Care Film Treatment.


Producing Sponsor

D'Wayne  Wiggins, President, and Creative Director

Youth Aid | Singer/Songwriter Tony Toni Tone'!

Grammy Award-winning artist D'Wayne Wiggins of Tony! Toni! Toné! serves as Youth Aid's Creative Director and has been instrumental in establishing the foundation of the organization. As a community advocate, he demonstrates his belief that music is one of the most effective tools in preventing young adults from being caught up in the cycle of violence; providing opportunities to the next generation of musicians and artists. He is a natural teacher, a patient father and a hero in his Oakland community. We are overjoyed to have this Grammy Award-winning icon of the New Jack Swing on board as Music Director pf our Voices of Foster Care Documentary. Wiggins sponsors us with his kind donation of a 22 passenger bus. We are also creating a bridge between youth groups for the production of our musical score through the artist's nonprofit organization, Youth Aid. 

​Tiers Free Academy is Georgia's only nonprofit home school alternative diploma program. We believe that homeschool is for everyone. Our programs support school-aged students to those ​who have aged-out or dropped out of High School. 


The HIP Health & Wellness Division: Affiliate holistic healthcare providers with concentrations in assorted methodologies for self-care. 

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Producing Sponsor

Mary B Morrison

Author, Entertainer, Advocate for Women's Rights

In her novels, women overcome heart-wrenching challenges. Female empowerment is the primary focus in all of Morrison’s works. An unapologetic voice with 26 books and over 3,000,000 copies in print, Morrison strives to eradicate double-standards. To stand in her presence is to be intoxicated with confidence. Mary (Honey B) Morrison shines, like a light in every room. To our camera's she is an embodied balance of what the World desires of women, and what there fear most about women. We are excited to have her speak to our students on "Speaking with Confidence" which will also get our young people a trip to beautiful downtown Atlanta, to learn about podcasting and radio.

Healing Her Hurt, Incorporated is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that Morrison founded to assist marginalized women and girls. Tax-deductible donations are welcomed. To learn more about Healing Her Hurt, Incorporated please contact Mary at healingherhurt@aol.com.


Producing Sponsor, Howard McAfee

Ol' Skool Poet | Ol' Skool Entertainment

We are excited to have Ol' Skool Entertainment in partnership as an Associate Producer of Voices of Foster Care. Ol' Skool is an ATL Bus Company Partner, lending transportation services to our production. Entrepreneur, Writer, Art Enthusiast, World Traveler and Father of one daughter, whom he treasures, Ol' Skool is a shining example of the American Dream. As a celebrated public speaker, and performing poet, he shares his perspectives on manhood and work ethic, with a musicality reminiscent of the Rhythm and Blues that helped define the Black American voice. His aged wisdom resonates with passion and desire for love and self-knowledge, an insight we hope to pass on to participants in Voices of Foster Care. His artistic and technical skills in music and graphic printing, further, make Ol' Skool the perfect partner for this venture. We look forward to his direct contributions in the classroom and on camera.  


Production Sponsor

Chrystale Wilson

Actress | Producer | Philanthropist


She is, perhaps, still best known from the film Player's Club, and more recently Anyala Vanzant's Fix My Life, and From the Bottom Up, but Chrystale Wilson is truly a visual artist. She embodies creator energy and is well known as a survivor of the tragedy. These gifts, make her a perfect producer for Voices of Foster Care Documentary because it is all about the co-creation of a future that defies the odds. Chrystale Wilson knows a lot about that. Wilson is beautiful to behold. She is relatable and is always camera ready. It will be a joy to follow her direction and to get her in front of the camera. We envision a bus trip to P.A.W.S. the "No-Kill" Animal Shelter, where Wilson volunteers.

Wilson is an advocate for the better treatment of our elderly and through a self-funded and organized annual event “Injured Angel Mixer”; Chrystale encourages her friends to donate products, which she personally distributes to inner-city nursing homes during the holidays “Gifts for Grandparents.”


Production Sponsor

Sonni Collins

Health Care Provider | Instructor


Sonni Collins is a Goddess of Healing. She is a mother of four and a health care provider with a concentration in preclinical Healthcare. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Heal Sciences from California State University, East Bay, Hayward. Collins will teach students about "Self-Care" in Voices of Foster Care. On camera, she is bright and bubbly. Her large eyes draw the camera in and she effortlessly translates complicated science on sexual health dietary health. Her participation is a welcome addition to Voices of Foster Care Documentary, which aims to offer a full serving of life skills and personal knowledge as the age out of the foster care system. 



Producing Sponsor, Dontrella Holter

Holter Intellectual Property, Inc. | ATL Bus Company | LE Radio

A very special thanks to Dontrella Holter. The American Veteran and Female Business owner in Norcross, Georgia shared our vision to have a bus, so that we may offer workforce development in our community. We manifested this thought a Vision Board. So we thought, what better way to start our program than with a vision board? We look forward to catching the popular androgynous model on camera as guides students in "Making a Vision Board" in our Voices of Foster Care Documentary.

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Holter Intellectual Property, Inc. | HIP Learning Annex

Film Location: 5500 Oakbrook Parkway, Suite 250, Norcross, GA 30093


Jessica Holter

Writer | Producer

Creative Director, Holter Intellectual Property, Inc. 


Voices of Foster Care Documentary was conceived by Jessica Holter, Adult Foster Child from Oakland, CA., now living in Atlanta. She brings the concept to the HIP Learning space, where her nonprofit organization has space for classes and scenes. Holter says her goal is to give this program to the community as a template for reaching fostered youth.