Forgotten Foster Children


Give me my mind

It belongs to me

Give me paper

a pen, with ink 

and a nightlight

so that I may write


open this mic

open this mic

open this mic

there is something I need to say


there is so much more to me

than meets the eye

Can you see in the dark?

Can you though?


You do not know me

You don't own me

You can not give me my freedom

I was born free


You can not give me God

God is inside me

behind my eyes

God can see you too


Lady Liberty, so independent

with nearly half a million 

of her own American children

trapped in a system

that turns precious little miracles

into mental patients and criminals


See, what we have here

is a failure to make good on our trust

Effective immediately

you can not think for us 

we, the forgotten foster children 

hereby demand an audience

with this great nation

a revelation of the genius

you are binding to prison pipelines


we reject your judgment


a contrived premonition

to get us in position

for the slaughter


we separate our divine selves

from your caseload

we take our places 

in the seat of our imaginations

and receive this spiritual download

cocreating an alternate universe

where we may innerstand

and converse


soul to soul


You do have a soul, right?

soul to soul

You do have a soul, right?

soul to soul

You do have a soul, right?



written by Jessica Holter

Adult Foster Child, Writer, Orator




Writer, Jessica Holter is a visionary, creating urban art from spiritual downloads, her ideas are infectious and undeniable. Voices of Foster Care will be the first film of it's kind. And just as she did with The Punany Poets, bringing legions of laureates to the mic to talk about sex and HIV openly, it is her hope that the seeds of this edutainment film, presently being shopped for production consideration will manifest in communities all over the world lending a strong voice to those of us whose lives have been left to the compassion of bureaucrats. Us, the Forgotten Foster Children. Those of us who become fathers before we are men. Those of us who are more likely to see the inside of a cell than the inside of a college dormitory. Those of us who make up 80% of people on Death Row in America.


Yeah. Us. You almost forgot about us. 


Voices of Foster Care

Aren't you curious?


We are presently seeking teachers and speakers to commit to two hours in class with our students. Please contact us.